Frank Sinatra walks in..

I was playing a week-long engagement at Fat Tuesdays in NYC with Zoot Sims, Jimmy Rowles and Michael Moore.  On a break, we were all hanging out talking when a man approaches Zoot.  He tells him that Frank Sinatra is shooting a movie down on the lower east side and Frank would like for him to drop over and say hi.  Zoot paused for a moment and then said "Naaaa... tell him to come over here."  We all about lost it. The next night there is a table directly to my left of the stage set up for about 8 people with a bottle of champagne in the middle.  In comes Frank with his entourage and they sit down and enjoy the set.  During the set, Zoot takes the microphone and says "I'd like to acknowledge a great musician, Mr. Frank Sinatra."  Zoot introducing him as a great musician instead of a great singer was huge praise and greatly appreciated by Frank I was told later that night.

John ClayComment